Featured R&D

Through the utilization of our proprietary, advanced SMART (Super Micro Atomization Retention Technology) microencapsulation process originally developed for the fortification industry, Wright has developed Wrise®, an economical, multi-functional microencapsulated leavening system for use in fresh, refrigerated and frozen chemically and/or yeast-leavened doughs and dry bakery mixes. Wrise® will not react until exposed to oven heat during the baking process.

Usage of Wrise® in baked goods is determined depending on shop conditions and finished product standards.

Usage Rate:
Wrise® should be used at a level of .35% to 1.5%. The recommended levels are only guidelines; adequate levels should be determined by user to meet shop conditions and finished product standards.

SuperCoat® Sodium Bicarbonate 70%
SuperCoat® Sodium Bicarbonate 70% is ideal for use in fresh and frozen pizza doughs, dry bakery mixes.

1% to 7%. The recommended levels are just guidelines, adequate levels should be determine by user to meet shop conditions.