Standard Enrichments

powdered vitamins and minerals for standardized products

rice premixThe Federal Standards of Identity for enriched products empowered states with a standard for replacing nutrients lost from grain-based products during processing or refining. By 1957, S.L. Wright Jr. and S.L. Wright III dominated the rinse-resistant rice enrichment field, evolving the business to blend powdered vitamins and minerals for other standardized products such as wheat flour, corn meal and breads.

With over 55 years of experience, The Wright Group™ leads the industry with its development of rinse resistant rice premixes and standardized enrichments.


Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of disease and death among citizens of third world countries. The lack of Vitamin A in daily diets often leads to crippling childhood blindness and neural tube defects. To combat this deficiency, Wright has developed Vit-A-Rice®, a major breakthrough in the effort to supply Vitamin A and Folic Acid in impoverished societies worldwide.


The international initiative to provide essential nutrition through rice fortification is continuing to expand. Emerging countries in Southeast Asia, Central and South America and Africa are employing this fortification strategy through governmental food agencies and authorities. Wright has developed Iron Rice® a natural grain based fortificant which contains iron and other vital nutrients.


Through technical innovation and a wealth of experience from over 50 years in the rice enrichment industry, Wright has developed Nutra Rice® natural grain-based fortification, a natural, grain-based alternative to assimilated and artificially created fortificants used in humanitarian aid efforts.