Wright Rice History

Discover 120 Years of Wright Rice History

1982 Sunday Advocate

This write-up details a little history on Sol Wright and his path to creating his break-through product 'Blue Rose' and changing the rice industry.

1968 Lake Charles American Press

Another article discussing the Wright "Blue Rose" rice and it's affect on the rice tourism industry.

1965 Dixie Magazine

This article, from the 1965 February edition of Dixie magazine about the Wright Group Rice Museum & the connection with tourism in the area.

1939 National Rice Festival

This Souvenir Edition of the National Rice Festival magazine from 1939 details Sol Wright and his contributions to the rice industry. It also goes into details about various activities and events being held at the festival at the time.

1914 Times Picayune

An article about Sol Wright and his affect on rice farmers in the industry.