Watch Your Profits Rise with Wright Bakery Solutions

Watch Your Profits Rise With Wright Bakery Products

Utilizing newly developed technology along with our long standing reputation for quality and value, WrightMade® baking ingredients focus on delivering cost savings that perform beyond our customer’s expectations. All of our baking solutions are available in either bulk or custom-tailored batch size packaging. Our complete line of products, which include CLEAN LABEL ingredients, are highly concentrated; lowering both the usage volume and raw material handling costs.

 Wright Bakery Benefits
  • Highly concentrated
  • GMO Free and Bromate Free available
  • Aluminum Free – Wrise
  • Lower storage and shipping costs
  • Value Added - Custom Nutrient Blends
  • Omega-3
 Innovative Product Concepts



Through the utilization of our proprietary, advanced SMART (Super Micro Atomization Retention Technology) microencapsulation process originally developed for the fortification industry, Wright has developed Wrise®, an economical, multi-functional microencapsulated leavening system for use in fresh, refrigerated and frozen chemically and/or yeast-leavened doughs and dry bakery mixes. 

Wright Soft®

Offering a cost-effective concentrated 3:1 use ratio compared to ordinary emulsifiers, WrightSoft® extenders are ideal for use in a wide array of commercial applications, including yeast-raised sweet goods, pan breads, rolls and artisan breads.

Wright Made®

With sales of value-added and fortified baked products setting records, consumers are looking to you for alternatives. Wright custom nutrient premixes offer a solution. Our extensive background in fortification provides you with not only quality ingredients for your product, but also the technical expertise to assist you in incorporating them into your products.

Wright Dough®

Designed for use in a variety of baked goods, WrightDough® conditioners have been engineered to provide substantial cost savings. Utilizing a Datem-free proprietary formulation, our line of WrightDough® conditioners deliver increased volume and improved texture and crumb. Its concentrated composition allows bakeries of all sizes to cut ingredient, inventory and shipping costs up to 50 percent.